The Chimney Baker

What are Chimneys?

Known as Kürtőskalács in Hungarian or Trdelnik in Czech, Chimney cake in English speaking regions and so on.

How Chimneys are made?

To make this unique pastry, we roll up a long strip of sweet yeast-dough and twist it around a baking spit - making sure the edges of the strips stick together and form a solid spiral of dough. Then we roll the dough on the spit in granulated sugar and coat it with melted butter or oil. We bake it in a special oven designed for this purpose, until the sugar on top caramelizes and the cake acquires a beautiful brownish-red colour. After this, the freshly baked pastry is once again rolled in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon or other toppings of choice, such as dried raspberries or finely ground walnuts.

The end of product is a shiny, crispy crust with a deliciously light and fluffy dough on the inside, which melts in the mouth. In order to satisfy the diverse needs of consumers, the flavouring can be varied in infinite ways, not only in the flavours mentioned above, - even savoury versions can be created!

Who is
the Chimney Baker?

My name is Sandor. I originally come from Hungary and I moved to Great Britain in 2013. I have been working in the tourism and catering industry for more than 15 years now. In the past 5 years I have had the chance to further broaden my professional knowledge in London.

In Budapest I worked for 2 years at a reputable company, where I acquired the skill and practices regarding the dough. During my 5 years of work in London, I had the opportunity to work in catering units of different structures, such as coffee shops, restaurants and pubs, which has allowed me to gain an insight into the world of the local confectionery.

Based on the past years’ experience, I now can see a clear picture of the consumer’s needs. The interest in this Hungarian-origin pastry is continuously growing in Western Europe as well as overseas. After years of planning, I am finally ready to take the plunge and carry out my plans in practice to acquaint the locals with this fine pastry. Through thorough work I was able to establish a company with much attention to detail and a stylish appearance to do just that.


(cinnamon, sugar)
(vanilla, sugar)
(finely ground walnut)
(shredded coconut)
(dried raspberry crumble)
(dried strawberry crumble)
Mr Cheesy
(cheese, garlic, herb, butter)
(vanilla and cinnamon flavour)
Custard Cloud
(custard, dried raspberry, chocolate sauce)
Taste of Summer
(fresh strawberry and banana, whipped cream, chocolate sauce) 
Taste of Wintert
(chimney cake pieces with hot custard, dried raspberry crumble, chocolate sauce)

* Prices are subject to change

Allergy warming!
Please note... Because we use the same equipment and the same environment for all of our products, including those that contain nuts and those that are nut free, our products are NOT suitable for anybody with a NUT allergy...! Please contact us directly if you have any questions with regards to other allergies.

The mission of The Chimney Baker

is to spice the life with flavours and experiences. Sprinkle the weekdays with some sweetness and popularize this unique, delicious pastry. I believe that one day people will mention Kürtőskalács as same as Donuts, Churros or Pretzel.

Our dough is

suitable for Halal and Ovo-lacto Vegetarian diets
always freshly made
we have vegan too